Celentano global rock celebration 6 Jan 2015 Sky Cinema Hits and Tribute show in Chicago in Feb

Martedì 6 gennaio 2015 | 00:06
cineCelentano - Lunedì 5 e martedì 6 gennaio 2015 dalle h 6.00 su Sky Cinema Hits HD - 2 giorni con 10 tra i film più celebri di Adriano Celentano

In occasione del compleanno di Adriano Celentano 2 giorni con 10 tra i sui film più celebri

Per la 1a volta in tv GEPPO IL FOLLE e la versione restaurata di YUPPI DU

Lunedì 5 e martedì 6 gennaio 2015 dalle h 6.00 su Sky Cinema Hits HD

. . . And CELENTANO SHOW in CHICAGO Usa 27 Feb

Hit songs from Adriano Celentano performed by Maurizio Schweizer and his band

For the first time in America: CELENTANO Tribute show

A great Italian musical project Celentano Tribute show – a collection of the greatest songs of the legendary singer, song writer and actor Adriano Celentano.

Almost half a century Adriano Celentano is a super star on Italian stage and film.

Adriano Celentano won the hearts of women and men throughout the world. Young women were in love with him and young men were trying to impersonate him, his temper and his voice and who is better to do it then Maurizio Schweizer, who is a talented actor and performer and happens to be born on the same street as Adriano Celentano, the famous Via Gluck, even today lives not too far from maestro in the neighborhood of Lake Cuomo.

This winter, audience in America will have a chance to see a full spectrum of Adriano Celentano tribute show with performances by Maurizio Schweizer and his collective group of musician and singers. Adriano Celentano himself said, quietly joking, that he likes to watch the show and to recollect himself being young and energetic again.

Besides physical similarity that Maurizio has with Adriano,
Shcweizer also possesses same likeliness and charm.

His song, words and charming pauses easily make you tremble and touch your soul.
Unbelievable decorations, special effects and costumes add a magical touch to the show.
Only after a few minutes into the show the audience forgets that this is a tribute show and goes on a journey to an uncharted talent of Celantano with the songs like Amore No,Soli, Susanna, Il Tempo Se ne Ve, Confessa, Pay Pay Pay and many more.

In the foundation of the show lies the performance of the great musician and singers with Maurizio Schweizer in the lead.

Many critics, not once acknowledged, that Maurizio completely transforms into great MOLLEGGIATO that’s what they call Adriano Celentano in the home country and delivers that unforgettable performance, for which everyone loves the legendary Celentano.

The SHOW won the hearts of Italy and Europe.
This is not just a performance, Celentnare, they way Italians speak.

This is a real transformation; don’t miss this bright and energetic, 100% Italian show, which the entire America will soon witness.

/// 27 Feb 2015 • Adriano Celentano Tribute Show • CHICAGO
Copernicus Center, Chicago, IL, Usa
5216 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL 60630

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