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SDE 2013 global Enduro Six Days 100 Years • Olbia Sardegna 30 Sept - 5 Oct 2013 Sardinia world motor

Mercoledì 25 settembre 2013 | 09:25
SDE 2013 global Enduro Six Days 100 Years • Sardegna 30 Sept - 5 Oct 2013 Sardinia world motor

OLBIA Costa Smeralda Sardegna - ISDE 2013: Record number of pre-entries - Moto Olympics

• Global Moto Enduro - All five Continents - 820 entry applications from 35 Nations for the Centenary edition!

The Italian Motorcycling Federation has completed the pre-entry phase for the 2013 Six Days Enduro.

The figures are very encouraging, bearing witness to the excitement surrounding the event, to be staged in Olbia, Sardinia, from 30 September to 5 October of this year 2013.

Interest has come from places as far apart as

Andorra - Argentina - Australia - Israel - Mexico - Japan - Qatar - South Africa - , and NATURALLY from all principal European Nations.

All five Continents - as well as women riders, will be represented in this MOTO Olympics.

There will be nine ladies teams involved, with the debut of a Trio of ITALIAN riders.

116 of the 189 Clubs applying to take part have been accepted, 70 of which from Italy.

We have thus reached the target of 600 riders for the edition in the Gallura region that will be celebrating 100 years of the event.

Paolo Sesti - FMI President, commented:

- The number of pre-entries backs up our choice of Sardinia as event venue. We are very pleased to have brought the Six Days Enduro to the top of the wish list of motorcycling enthusiasts, and are now more motivated than ever to ensure the event will be one to remember.

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