Dobrolet compagnia aerea low cost russa messa a terra da sanzioni europee per guerra in Ucraina

Mercoledì 6 agosto 2014 | 07:37
Dobrolet compagnia aerea low cost russa messa a terra da sanzioni europee collegate alla difficile situazione politica ed economica in Russia con la Guerra in Ucraina.

Messa a terra di Dobrolet, controllata della compagnia di bandiera russa Aeroflot, primo effetto concreto delle sanzioni adottate da Occidente contro Mosca per la guerra in Ucraina.

Low cost di AEROFLOT group, la Dobrolet airlines
per il fatto di effettuare voli Moscow - Simferopoli (Crimea) incappata nelle sanzioni UE per la questione Ucraina.

In questo modo c’è stata la cancellazione del contratto di Leasing sui 3 BOEING 737-800 della sua flotta, costringendo così la compagnia aerea a sospendere temporaneamente i voli su tutte le rotte.

Come si può leggere dal sito internet.

Alcune rotte riattivate da Orenburg Airlines, altro vettore del gruppo AEROFLOT

La Dobrolet airlines non volava in Italia.

//////////////// ENGLISH VERSION //////

Aug 2014 - Dobrolet has temporarily suspended all routes from August 4, effective immediately.

The Russian low-cost airlines cancellation of services is in relation to economic sanctions recently imposed by the European Union regarding the airlines area of operations - Crimea, Ukraine.

A wholly owned subsidiary of flag carrier Aeroflot, the sanctions have resulted in the termination of Dobrolet’s’ leasing contract for its fleet of 737-800 aircraft.

On official statement from Aeroflot said:

- Several European counterparties have notified Dobrolet of their refusal to fulfill their obligations to the airline in connection with the economic sanctions enacted by the EU.

- Due to the unprecedented pressure that has been applied to Dobrolet by its European counterparties, the carrier has no option but to suspend flights and ticket sales.

On its website, Dobrolet states that all passengers flying on either its Moscow - Simferopol - Moscow route
(up to and including September 15)
or its Moscow-Volgograd-Moscow route (up to and including August 20) would be rebooked onto Orenburg Airlines.

All other flights (to Samara, Perm, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Surgut and Kazan) are to be temporarily cancelled and passengers will have their airfare fully refunded, Dobrolet goes on to say.

The LCC was granted its air operator certificate (AOC) in May this year and commenced operations in June with a fleet of three 737-800s.


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