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Sogni infranti per il nuovissimo Boeing 787 - Dreamliner di lungo raggio notevoli problemi nei circuiti elettrici 19 Dec 2012 Qatar Airways chiedera miliardi di danni

Mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012 | 23:11
Sogni infranti per il nuovissimo Boeing 787 - Dreamliner di lungo raggio notevoli problemi nei circuiti elettrici 19 Dec 2012 Qatar Airways chiedera miliardi di danni

i Nuovi circuiti elettrici del Boeing 787 - Dreamliner che dovevano essere il punto di forza principale di questo innovativo aeromobile sono divenuti il punto di debolezza

Boeing 787 - Dreamliner è il 1° aereo che si fabbrica su scala industriale in fibra di carbonio e plastiche speciali (per risparmiare notevolmente sui consumi di carburante) anziche in metallo.

Molte funzioni del Boeing 787 - Dreamliner richiedono energia elettrica, mentre gli aerei tradizionali usano spesso aria compressa.

La casa costruttrice l’americana Boeing fino al 30 Nov 2012 ha consegnato a diverse Compagnie aeree 38 aerei Boeing 787 - Dreamliner

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LIST compagnie aeree con in flotta Boeing 787 - Dreamliner
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All Nippon Airways 16 Aeromobili

Japan Airlines 6
Ethiopian Airlines 4
Air India 3
Qatar Airways 3
United Airlines 3

Qatar Airways costretta a lasciare a terra 1 dei suoi 3 Boeing 787 - Dreamliner per problemi nei circuiti elettrici - problema simile scoperto di recente in 2 B787 appartenenti alla United Continental Holdings.

///// Akbar Al Baker Ceo di Qatar Airways molto arrabbiato ha dichiarato in un'intervista a Londra che Qatar Airways chiedera risarcimento a Boeing.

Jim McNerney Ceo di Boeing aveva dichiarato che quanto accaduto ai Dreamliner di United Continental Holdings e Qatar airways sono normali problemi che si verificano con i nuovi modelli di aerei.

Dreamliner B787 CLUB


The model’s new electrical system is one of its key selling points.

The 787, the world’s first composite-plastic jet, saves on fuel with a system that doesn’t divert air from the engines for power, instead using five times as much electricity as older jets.

2 aircraft having the same problem – the same major problem – so quickly is a cause of concern, Baker said.

Chicago-based Boeing said it’s too early to say if the Qatar failure was the same as United’s.

Boeing is working as expeditiously as possible to perform the replacement of electrical components needed to return Qatar Airway’s third 787 to service - said Lori Gunter, a spokeswoman in Everett, Washington, where the planes were assembled.

We’re going to give the technical Team sufficient time to review the findings of both events and understand how they might be similar or different.

United Technologies Corp.’s UTC Aerospace Systems, which includes the former Hamilton Sundstrand unit that makes the 787’s generators, is working very, very closely with Boeing to help resolve the issue, said Dan Coulom, a spokesman for the company in North Carolina.

He referred further questions to Boeing, which declined to discuss technical details of the Qatar incident or to provide an update on the United one.

United determined last week’s failure happened when a problem with a power distribution panel caused a nuisance generator fault indication.

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