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Qatar Airways sustainable innovation Aviation introduce Nuovo carburante Global gas-to-liquid (GTL) Jet fuel • Jan 2013

Lunedì 14 gennaio 2013 | 21:25
Qatar Airways sustainable innovation Aviation introduce Nuovo carburante Global gas-to-liquid (GTL) Jet fuel • Jan 2013

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Qatar Airways ha introdotto il nuovo carburante Gtl (Gas to liquid jet fuel) sul volo 001, operato con Airbus A340-600 da DOHA a LONDON Heathrow.

GTL Nuova miscela composta da kerosene paraffinico sintetico fino al 50% soddisfa gli stringenti requisiti Astm-D-7566, oltre che gli standard riservati ai normali combustibili usati dai jet (Jet A-1).

Il nuovo carburante nasce da una progetto congiunto avviato da SHELL e Qatar Petroleum nel sito di Pearl, il maggiore impianto d'estrazione Gtl del Qatar.

Nel Gtl lo ZOLFO praticamente assente e anche le emissioni di polveri sottili sono minori rispetto ai carburanti tradizionali.


QJet supplies QA with ultra-clean GTL jet fuel

FUEL AVIATION - Sustainable innovation - As part of its effort to meet the world’s growing demand for cleaner energy, Qatar Jet Fuel Company (QJet) yesterday announced of its first delivery of Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) jet fuel to Qatar Airways (QA), said a press statement.

GTL Jet A-1 is a blend of GTL; an ultra-clean low emissions jet fuel derived from natural gas, and conventional Jet fuel.

QJet said it is proud to be a partner in this national event of pride.

- Fuel is the driver of energy in our lives, whether it is a product of coal burning in some simple life styles somewhere in the world, or complicated, like pioneering with GTL in taking you up in an airplane.

Nowadays, it seems that we in Qatar are taking the lead in working with dreamers, scientists, engineers, and aspired management to fuel life in the air.

Thanks to the dreamers, we are moving ahead - said the statement.

- Scientists have been on the defensive screaming about the environment and warning humanity of the growing damage caused by many forms of the sources of energy.

Unlike those sources, GTL fuel is much cleaner for the environment than conventional jet fuel made from petroleum - the statement said.

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Qatar WORLD GTL CONGRESS 13 - 15 Jan 2013

//// The congress enjoys the expertise of some of the leading GTL experts who have extended their advice to the congress organisers.

They include DrRamzi Salman Abdul Hussain;
Senior Advisor from QP, Rob Overtoom;
Technology Manager of Pearl GTL from QatarShell GTL Limited, NielsFabricius;
Senior Technical Advisor from Qatar Shell Service Company, and Abdulla Al-Naemi;
Marketing Director of Refined Products from, Tasweeq.

2013 - The first edition of the World GTL Congress is supported by leading Qatar and global organisations, including:
QP (Host Organisation),
Shell (Host Sponsor),
ORYX GTL (Lead Sponsor),
Tasweeq (Diamond Sponsor),
CCC (Silver Sponsor),
Sasol (Official Gala Dinner Sponsor),
Veolia Water Solutions,
Gasal& Air Liquide (both as Associate Sponsors),
Gulf Warehousing Company (Official Logistics Partner), and Qatar University (Official Education Partner).

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