Under the volcano …The Etna circuit train in British the Guardian's global edition

Martedì 5 gennaio 2021 | 22:08
Under the volcano …The Etna circuit train in British the Guardian's global edition

Tra i viaggi suggestivi e memorabili del mondo: il Tour intorno al vulcano Etna

🔹Il giornale britannico The Guardian ha inserito il giro intorno ad Etna vulcano addirittura tra i primi 10 nel mondo.

In questa classifica stilata dallo storico giornale britannico “The Guardian” troviamo itinerario intorno al vulcano di Ferrovia Circumetnea (FCE)

🔹 In TOP Ten circuit train - troviamo: Etna - Canada - Colombia - Madagascar - Mongolia - Norvegia - Sardegna - Usa - Yangon Myanmar

With live music in the carriage, bear sightings and an active volcano in clear view, our tipsters’ rail trips show that it’s often more about the journey than the destination Guardian readers

🔹Winning tip: 🔹 Etna Valley circuit, Sicily🔹

The 68-mile trip round Mount Etna in eastern Sicily
was full of contrasts: the bleak black landscapes of the lava fields; lush valleys covered in fig, orange, pistachio and olive groves; the almost-abandoned villages and stations at the start and the busyness of Catania.

➤ Etna vista da Riposto Port

Etna was constantly in sight, often belching out black smoke.

➤On the early stretch from Riposto to Randazzo there were few people inside or out.

At Randazzo we grabbed a quick coffee at the buffet before changing to a modern train to continue to Catania.

The scenery gradually become more urban and we moved forward in time at least a century.

🔹 ➤ info TRAIN 🔹 🔹 CircumEtnea.it
single under €10

Source: ///// The Guardian - The Etna volcano circuit train /////


- Alfio Pizzone

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