Perfume of freshly harvested olives in time

Sabato 23 gennaio 2010 | 00:00
The Aragona Farm
is located on the slopes of Mount Etna, between the rivers Salso and Simeto, on a volcanic rock and river sediment plateau. Its propitious location in a fertile and windy dale allowed, as early as a few centuries ago, experimental techniques such as rice farming, fostered by the dynamic farmland policy enforced by the princes
of Biscari.

Nowadays the farm makes the most of innovative farming technology, yet it does not lose sight of its own traditions. It takes particular care to using healthy and environmentally-friendly products and methods.

The extra-virgin olive oil Olive d’Aragona is made exclusively with olives grown at the farm.

The robust taste of grass and unblemished NATURE, made sweeter by a hint of ripe tomato and artichoke, is the result of the experimental farming of a variety called Cipressino, with the slight addition of the fragrant and traditional
Nocellara Etnea.

The Cipressino, grown with specialized techniques, is the company's experimental wager; found at the edges of the property, surrounding the farm, are Nocellara Etnea trees, whose magnificent branches gently graze the ground as if to protect its beating heart.

Olives are exclusively hand-harvested, at least one month before their full ripening, and olive oil is made by cold pressing only.
This allows to make an extremely healthy product, thus enhancing the antioxidant qualities of extra virgin olive oil and preserving the scent and perfume of freshly harvested olives in time. - email


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