South China Shenzen city inaugura New airport firmato Fuksas 28 Nov 2013

Giovedì 28 novembre 2013 | 09:44
South China Shenzen city inaugura New airport firmato Fuksas 28 Nov 2013

Studio fuksas expands shenzhen bao'an intern airport - The interior of the terminal, which was designed by Italian company Fuksas

Terminal 3 will be officially open on Nov 28th

The new terminal C at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport will open on November 28.

//// Shenzhen Daily says 83,000 passengers are expected on the first day.

The new Terminal 3 of Shenzhen Intern Airport, which is scheduled to open at 06:00am Nov 28th.

From then on, the T3 will handles all passengers go in and out of Shenzhen. Terminal A , B and Hall D, for intern flights, at Shenzhen Intern Airport will be closed from 10:00pm Nov 27th to 06:00am Nov 28th.

After the new terminal opening, passengers would experience more convenient and efficient service.

Shenzhen Airlines remind: Check-in service will be closed 45 minutes before flight departure.

Passengers need to arrive at the Terminal 3 two hours in advance.

If you have any other questions or need more help, please call our hotline: 4008895080.

New airport firmato Fuksas a nido d’ape

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Shenzen airport group


Shenzhen airport handled 26,713,610 passengers in 2010, according to Civil Aviation Administration of China, making it the fifth busiest in China.

The airport was also China's 4th busiest and world's
24th busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic,
registering 809,363 tonnes of freight.

In terms of traffic movements, Shenzhen airport was the 5th busiest airport in China in 2009.

In comparison with Hong Kong Intern Airport, Shenzhen Intern Airport offers greater connectivity to domestic Chinese cities at a cheaper ticket price but is less convenient for Hong Kong residents.

For the intern traveler, the airport suffers from, in comparative terms, low levels of spoken English.

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