Nuova compagnia aerea nazionale in Cina: Airlines Fuzhou progetto operativo di Hainan Airlines che sta investendo 159 milion€ in questa nuova compagnia aerea

Venerdì 19 ottobre 2012 | 11:42
Nuova compagnia aerea nazionale in Cina: Airlines Fuzhou progetto operativo di Hainan Airlines che sta investendo 159 milion€ in questa nuova compagnia aerea

La nuova Compagnia aerea ha il sostegno del Governo di provincia Fujian (China, South East) di cui Fuzhou θ capitale - New Domestic Airline for China: Fuzhou Airlines • Focus China airlines Oct 2012 COMPETITION

AZIONARIATO della Nuova compagnia aerea Fuzhou Airlines
Hainan Airlines 60%, Fuzhou Nazional Investment Holding Co. 20% e altre 2 societΰ non specificate del 10%

Ancora mancano i permessi da parte delle Autoritΰ cinesi per l'aviazione civile
OBIETTIVO progetto migliorare con le nuove rotte aeree i collegamenti tra Cina orientale ed occidentale

Finora in Fuzhou airport Xiamen Airlines (Sky Team Alliance) monopolizza i voli con una quota di mercato del 50%.

///////////// ENGLISH VERSION //////////////

The parent company of Hainan Airlines is investing $ 159 million in the new subsidiary.

Hainan Airlines (HU) plans, according to the portal "ATW" to invest the equivalent of about $ 159 million into its own new subsidiary Fuzhou Airlines.

This will be launched with the support of the government of Fujian province in southeast China, Fuzhou is the capital.

Hainan Airlines will hold 60%, the. Fuzhou National Assets Investment Holding Co., 20% and two other unspecified companies by 10%

Still lack the permits from the Chinese civil aviation authorities, so that no timetable for the start of flights was published by Fuzhou Airlines. The intention is, however, improve with the new airline domestic routes between the West and East China.

So far at the airport by the Fuzhou Xiamen Airlines dominates with a market share of 50%.

Xiamen Airlines is a Chinese airline headquartered in Xiamen and operating out of the People's Republic of China.
The airline is a subsidiary of China Southern

//////// Hong Kong Airlines introduces new flight services to Fuzhou ////////

Hong Kong Airlines has commenced a daily flight service that will be operated between Hong Kong and Fuzhou.
The newly launched flights to Fuzhou will be operated by Boeing 737 airliner.

FUZHOU is an emerging contemporary city that is situated in the eastern part of Fujian.

////// Fuzhou serves as a gateway for the political, economic, cultural and transport centre of the Fujian province.

Hong Kong and mainland passengers will be given a wider choice and much improved convenience with new traffic rights been allocated.
As a result, the Hong Kong’s position will take a steep rise which will further make it as a leading worldwide traffic hub.

With the addition of the city of Fuzhou, It has resulted in an expansion in the airlines’ network of onward connections that comprise Shanghai and Tokyo.

///// Hong Kong Airlines has a fleet of 23 aircrafts which operate its services across a network of 28 cities including China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

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