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2nd CHINA international Olive Oil GOURMET Festival during 6th Oil China 2010 APRIL 24/ 26 Shanghai Exhibition Center

Venerdì 5 febbraio 2010 | 00:00
Along with olive oil is more and more welcome, Chinese people want to know how to match olive oil to food, in this case, as the promoter of olive oil in China, we will plan to organize 2nd China International Olive Oil GOURMET FESTIVAL during 6th Oil China 2010 APRIL 24/26 in order to stimulate olive oil consumption in Chinese market.

The following will be part of the gourmet festival: The forum of matching olive oil to food
The olive oil & Food Tasting Meeting
The Show of Western Gourmet
The competition of matching olive oil to food
The Choice Opportunity of Top Olive Oil Recipe

More information will be published in this page and your ideal and advice are very welcome.
Exhibitors from: Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Tunis, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Lebanon, Argentina, China, USA, France, Libya, Iran, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, Algeria, Albania, Cyprus, Iraq and so on
For more information, please contact: Beijing Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tel:0086 10 64416542 Fax:0086 10 64412631

per ITALIA contattare: Dr Gino Celletti Respons Marketing e Capo Panel Giuria di Assaggio Oil China E-mail:

c/o Frantoi Celletti & Cultivar via Zuccoli 6 Milano, Italia

Tel +39.02.66983712 Tel e fax +39.02.39800062 Mobile + 39 3280761308 - - - > Website:


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