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Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture * Music

Mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010 | 00:00
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Istanbul world of music.
Ali Ufkî is 400 years old . . .
By the project “2010 the Ali Ufki Year”, Turkish Music Foundation presents an notable gift for the 400th birthday of Ali Ufki, whose real name was Albert Bobowski, one of the prominent architects of Istanbul’s world of music.

Originally as a Polish man, Ali Ufki entered in the ottoman Palace in his early young days and took charge in important international political assignments. His profound cultural knowledge included a large portion for being also a man of music that put his mark on important pieces of work which later became original resources of Classical Turkish Music. During his time the music in daily life was not using the notes. Ali Ufki registered the music works of his time into the notes and henceforth he succeeded to protect and inherit the music of his time. Since the musical pieces conveyed by Ali Ufki correctly and punctually reflect the music of that time; they are regarded as “straight authentic” apart from the verbal repertory of Classical Turkish Music.

The Bezmârâ group founded under the leadership of Fikret Karakaya, focuses on exploring the great richness inherited by this great man of music. Ancient music instruments which are not used today, were re-made, with the support of the State of France, with reference to their depictions and gravures in ancient manuscripts. Equipped with these instruments the Bezmârâ group, under the leadership of Fikret Karakaya, has exposed a musical asset as to form an “Ali Ufki expertise”. The group has gained quite a reputation in domestic and foreign music circles as they performed numerous concerts both in inland and abroad and recorded many CDs.

Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency accepted this important project of Turkish music foundation and declared 2010 to be the “Year of Ali Ufki”. Within the scope of the project, a total of 12 concerts will be performed as one concert per month, to put forward the treasure which Ali Ufkî brought into our culture.


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