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03 Nov 2010• 10 motivi per investire in Kosovo (3) business idea or idea business • start The Young Europeans the Kosovar People

Mercoledì 3 novembre 2010 | 00:00
03 Nov 2010• 10 motivi per investire in Kosovo (3) business idea or idea business • start The Young Europeans the Kosovar People



- • 10 • - Low tax burden and modern business support institutions • 10 • -
Kosovo has a simple and straightforward tax system.

The tax burden is very low:

•Personal Income Tax 0-10 %
•VAT 16 %
•Corporate Income Tax 10%
•Mandatory contributions for employees only 5% of gross salaries
No other country of the SEE can outperform Kosovo in its ability to allow the businesses to enter the market. The Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) and its office in Vienna offer a whole range of freeof - charge services for foreign investors.

1 - • - Central location in the Region

Being located in the heart of the Balkans, Kosovo’s capital Prishtina is in one hour driving distance to any neighbouring country.

• Ongoing infrastructure projects include modern highway connections to Albania, Serbia and Macedonia.

By the end of 2009 the driving distance to the Albanian Port of Durres will be reduced to 3 hours.

• In addition, Prishtina International Airport offers air connections to main European capitals (New . . . also Bergamo & Venice - Eagles Airlines).

2 • - Young, educated,
MULTILINGUAL and dynamic population
Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe.
Due to the long intern. presence, English is just short of an official language.

App. 40.000 students at the state and numerous private Universities and many Kosovars who have lived and studied abroad are currently guarantying a sufficient stream of highly educated labour.

3 • - Competitive, flexible
and well skilled labour force
Average gross wage in Kosovo is less than 250 EUR.
Wages in Kosovo are unburdened by costly social contributions, unlike those in the countries of the region.
Through engaging in smaller workshops and private businesses during the 1990s and through vocational training programs established in the last 10 years, Kosovars have gained skills, which are highly appreciated by foreign investors.

4 • - Modern Telecommunications
Kosovo offers modern telecommunication systems.
There are 3 fixed telephony operators and 2 mobile telephony operators, offering the latest and most modern technologies, including VoIP, GPRS, etc.
Three main internet service providers offer stable and broadband Internet, including DSL, Wireless, and Cable, with lower prices than in any other European Country.
- KOSOVO MOBILE OPERATORS • After reducing the price of calls to mobile operators in Serbia by 50 percent, Kosovo-based mobile operator Vala reports a positive response from the various minorities in Kosovo.

Over 14,000 Sim cards have been distributed so far in different areas inhabited by minorities, including those of the Serbian nationality, said the company. Currently eight sales points operate in the enclaves.

5 • - Modern, EU-compatible legislation
Since 1999 Kosovo’s legal system has been re-built and is now completely compatible with the EU legislation.
Kosovo has also installed the Intern. Standards for Financial Reporting.

In addition, Kosovo’s legislation offers NATIONAL Treatment for foreign investors.
The legislation in Kosovo is also available in English.

6 • - Sound BANKING System
Kosovo’s financial sector has been built on completely new foundations.
The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo is an independent body, which regulates and supervises the Kosovo financial market.
There are eight licensed banks, two pension funds, 19 other financial intermediaries, 27 financial auxiliaries and ten insurance companies in Kosovo.

Six out of eight banks in Kosovo are foreign-owned.

7 • - Currency: EURO
Euro is the official currency in Kosovo, eliminating this way the currency and exchange rate risk.
The Euro gave Kosovo a considerable advantage over its competitors in the region by making it more attractive to foreign investment and by bringing financial and macroeconomic stability.
It also enabled Kosovo to offer the lowest transaction costs in the region

8 • - Free access to EU-market,

US-market and CEFTA members market Kosovo derives three major benefits from the trade liberalisation, namely improved export possibilities, a better investment environment and stable relations with its neighbours.

Kosovo is a member of CEFTA and it also benefits from non-reciprocal, customs-free access to the EU market based on the EU Autonomous Trade Preference (ATP) Regime.
Kosovo also enjoys a free acess to the US-market

9 • - Great investment OPPORTUNITIES

Kosovo is well endowed with natural resources and Agricultural land.

- Sectors of agriculture, Food processing, construction, Textile, IT, automotive components and energy and mining offer the most opportunities for foreign investors.
An interesting opportunity, having in mind the young, multilingual and educated population, is also IT-outsourcing



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