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The 2010 Hamburg Aviation Conference 10/12 Feb Strategy and Innovation in Aviation

Mercoledì 3 febbraio 2010 | 00:00
Hamburg Airport Agenda 2010 - Wednesday 10 February 2010
6.30 p.m. Reception "Top Deck" Hamburg Airport, Terminal 2
Shuttle from Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg at 6.00 p.m.

Join us for our traditional reception and dinner with members of the Hamburg Senate and industry and Community Leaders.

• Thursday 11 February 2010
9.00 a.m. Opening Remarks
Michael Eggenschwiler, Hamburg Airport, Germany
Welcoming Address Axel Gedaschko, State Ministry for Economic and Labour Affairs, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Session I • Airline Strategy and Innovation: The Air Berlin Experience
9.30 a.m. Chair: Dr. Michael Tretheway, InterVISTAS Consulting, Canada
Presentations: Matthias von Randow, Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG, Germany

Session II • Industry Outlook: Will the Recovery be V-, U-, L- or W-shaped ?
10.30 a.m. Chair: Dr. Thomas Immelmann, Hamburg Airport, Germany
Presentations: Joerg Bibow, Skidmore College, USA
Brian Pearce, IATA, Switzerland
David Gillen, University of British Columbia, Canada
Ricky Mack, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, USA

Session III • Financing Aviation Investment in the new Environment toward Risk
1.15 p.m. Chair: Dr. Lloyd McCoomb, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Canada*
Presentations: Adam Pilarski, AVITAS, Inc., Germany
Dr. Borislav Bjelicic, DVB Bank SE, Germany

Session IV • The role of institutional innovation in the development of aviation
2.45 p.m. Chair: Cathal Guiomard, Commission for Aviation Regulation, Ireland
Presentations: Gerry Bruno and Solomon Wong, InterVISTAS Consulting, Canada
Ingo Wuggetzer, Airbus, Germany
Carlos Grau Tanner, IATA, Canada

Session V • Innovation in Aviation Business Models
4.30 p.m. Chair: Claus-Dieter Wehr, Hamburg Airport, Germany
Presentations: Darin Lee, LECG LLC, USA
Doug Andrew, Consultant, UK
Stephen Littlechild, University of Cambridge,UK

7.30 p.m. Hamburg Airport Gala Dinner
Join us for our traditional networking dinner in an exceptional location with an alluring buffet and interesting conversations with the special guest speaker Rüdiger Fuchs from Sietas Group Germany.

Friday 12 February 2010
9.00 a.m. Review of Previous Day’s Proceedings
Dr. Michael Tretheway, InterVISTAS Consulting, Canada
Dr. Hans-Martin Niemeier, University of Applied Sciences of Bremen, Germany

Session VI • Martin Kunz Memorial Lecture
9.15 a.m. Chair: Dr. Hans-Martin Niemeier, University of Applied Sciences of Bremen, Germany
Presentations: Cliff Winston, Brookings Institution, USA

Session VII • Financial and Political Risks to Aviation?
10.00 a.m. Presentations: Andrew B. Steinberg, Jones Day, USA
Dirk Albrecht and Dr. Torsten Busacker, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Germany

Session VIII • Strategies Toward Risk in A New Era of Aviation
11.30 a.m. Chair: Dr. Michael Tretheway, InterVISTAS Consulting, Canada
Panel Discussion: Dr. Nicole Adler, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Dr. Peter Forsyth, Monash University, Australia
Jaap de Wit, SEO Amsterdam Economics, The Netherlands
Dr. Marc Gaudry, Université de Montréal, Canada*



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