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Spectacular View of Etna from the International Space Station

Evento valido dal 03 gennaio 2019 al 10 febbraio 2019
W️orld News - ☀️ - ☀️ La Nasa ha diffuso foto che mostra eruzione del vulcano Etna vista dallo spazio.
immagine acquisita dal satellite focalizza il pennacchio di cenere emessa in aria dal cratere del vulcano

️ - ☀️ - Space Station View of Mount Etna Erupting - NASA Usa
Immagine risale a venerdi 28 dicembre 2018, ossia 2 giorni dopo il sisma di magnitutdo 4,8 che ha colpito area Etnea

2019 Jan Latest news Etna volcano update: First images from the new eruption

Etna volcano satellite images: Images include thermal anomalies from fires, volcanoes etc (red dots).

Note: Some images might be broken or incomplete due to internal loading or server timeout issues


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Eruzione da uno dei 4 crateri centrali
Your volcanic break in Etna Nature and Catania East Sicily Volcanic eruption ! Volcanoes Erupting - Etna Unesco sites
. . by volcano Etna eruption spews fire and ash in latest eruption by virtual to emotion reality
Etna is an active volcano and eruptions are frequent
Mount volcano Etna: Psychedelic
Etna volcano news, one of the world's most active volcanos, has been in a near constant state of eruption for months.

Strombolian eruptions and lava flow by lava . .

Etna volcano accompanied by rising tremor, this activity is increasing at the moment.
The current pattern is very similar to many past episodes
which often culminated in violent explosive (lava fountaining) and effusive (lava flow) paroxysms and could very well build up to a new one, maybe similar to the previous one during November this year.

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