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G7 - G8 Summit 2017 in Sicily Taormina Lampedusa . . .

Sabato 27 maggio 2017 | 22:01
G7 Jetzt steht das Datum fest Freitag Samstag, 26. 27. Mai 2017

G7 - G8 Summit 2017 in Sicily TAORMINA Lampedusa

Now there's the Friday 26 Saturday, May 27, 2017
G7-G8 Summit 2017 in Sicilia: Taormina Lampedusa . . .

G7 - G8 (Group of Seven - Group of Eight) Summit 2017 previsto nei mesi scorsi a Firenze va in Sicilia, presidente Regione Toscana: condivido la scelta del Premier Matteo Renzi

Motivata dal Tema delle migrazioni e dei profughi

HISTORY G6 - G7 - G8

//////////////// G7 - G8 (Group of Seven - Group of Eight) Summit

Formed in 1975 by the six biggest industrial democracies: the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, and Italy
and joined by Canada a year later.

Starting in 1991, the USSR, then Russia, began dropping by for post-summit conferences.

In 1994 Russia became a regular visitor, and in 1998 it became a full participant in what now became the G8, although the G7 has continued to function alongside the formal summits, presumably just to confuse the average newspaper reader.

These days, the G8 meets annually, and by turns,
in the Capital, another big-deal city (Montreal, Florence), or
a jewel-like historic landmark or golf resort (Versailles, Williamsburg, Gleneagles) of the host nation, with everyone's finance minister (our Treasury secretary) and all the prime ministers (or presidents) in attendance, at which point it considers, and attempts to bring into line, matters of economic policy and planning, then schmoozes, often managing to work out an intractable problem or two over one of the six-course dinners prepared by the host country to show off the national cuisine.

With old-style Kennedy-and-Khrushchev-type summit meetings largely a thing of the past, the G8 get-togethers have become some of the most important meetings in the world, real pileups of power and money at which issues as broad as terrorism and the environment are hashed out, often leading to the creation or resuscitation of some new international organization to handle the problem.

//////////////// ITALY G7 - G8 SUMMIT presents the programme from Sicily off the southern coast of Italy, in search of an tourist attraction . . .

Now there's the Friday 26 Saturday, May 27, 2017

Niente G7 del 2017 a Firenze, si va in SICILIA

MOTIVI: non sarebbe pronta per tempo la nuova pista di Firenze aeroporto Peretola - questione da sempre dibattuta e fonte di polemiche nel capoluogo toscano - che non sarà a posto prima del 2018.

Inoltre ci vorrà ancora tempo per la rinascita della Fortezza da Basso - principale polo fieristico di Firenze.

Queste e altre considerazioni avrebbero pesato nella scelta di bocciare il capoluogo toscano come sede dell'incontro internazionale G7 - G8.

Quindi? Il G7 - G8 in Sicilia: Palermo Taormina Lampedusa.

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