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F-16 pilots in Italy were on standby to help Request to use NAS Sigonella in Libya airstrikes

Giovedì 4 agosto 2016 | 08:35
F-16 pilots in Italy were on standby to help Request to use NAS Sigonella in Libya airstrikes

Libia pronti a partire dice il ministro della difesa Pinotti: Se gli Americani e il Governo di Tripoli ce lo chiederanno, concederemo Sigonella e forse anche Aviano

Italy signaled it would most likely allow the use of its airbases and airspace for strikes against Islamic State militants in Libya if the United States asks, Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti said on 3 Aug Wednesday.

- The government is ready to consider positively a request to use airbases and national airspace, and support the operation, if it is believed that it would lead to a more rapid and effective conclusion of the ongoing action - Pinotti said in testimony to the lower house of parliament.

Short history of the crisis in Libya - Middle East Eye

Usa planes began bombing Islamic State targets in Libya on Monday at the request of the U.N.-backed government in Tripoli to help push militants from their former stronghold of Sirte.

SIGONELLA volcanic support (Catania East Sicily Etna volcano area) - Italy's foreign minister said Tuesday that his government will evaluate any Usa request to allow use of a Sicilian air base in the campaign of airstrikes against an Islamic State group stronghold in Libya.

Usa moving 200 marines to Sicily for Libya

Paolo Gentiloni - Italy's foreign minister - said on state TV that use of the Sigonella base would be considered - if requested and Parliament would be informed of any decision.

Targeted Usa air strikes against Islamic State group militants in their stronghold of Sirte, a Libyan coastal city, began on Monday.

- I believe that it's a very positive fact that the Americans have decided to intervene, Gentiloni said.
He noted that the extremists were concentrated in four or five compounds, but said it won't be easy to eradicate them.

Alpiz • Libya algoritmo


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