Four Seasons Florence comprato da Emiro Qatar The choice for Florence is cheap and easy, said Apr 2013

Lunedì 15 aprile 2013 | 11:04
Four Seasons Florence comprato da Emiro Qatar The choice for Florence is cheap and easy, said Apr 2013

Qatar Apr 2013 - who lived in my house Love Grand Hotel Firenze four seasons: Emiro Hamad bin Khalif al - Thani Qatar choice Four Seasons Hotel Florence my home

ITALIA - QATAR - dopo la Maison moda Valentino (comprata in estate 2012 per 700 milion€), adesso: Firenze Palazzo della Gherardesca, capolavoro di architettura rinascimentale circondato da un parco storico di 4,5 ettari, che dal 2008 ospita Hotel Four Seasons Florence.

WHO Hotel Four Seasons Florence
Speaking with confidence: 21mila mq. coperti, a 10 min. a piedi dal Duomo e dagli Uffizi, conta 117 camere e suite, piscina e maxi centro benessere

Al-Thani HOUSE in Italy

1 hotel Gallia di Milano
4 hotels Costa Smeralda Holding
1 Hotel Four Seasons Florence

//// Tree of Life - a typical stopover for Tour groups young and old, Florence is Italy’s Renaissance city.

From the famous masterpieces, to the goldsmiths along Ponte Vecchio, an ancient bridge spanning the Arno River, to the street musicians plucking away at violins, Florence is the hub of Italian Art.

At the heart of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze waits a delightful surprise: the Giardino della Gherardesca – a sanctuary of giant shade trees, vast lawns and vibrant flowers.

Though one of the largest Florentine gardens – measuring 4.5 hectares (11 acres) – this walled park has been kept private and unseen for hundreds of years.

Originally planted as a Renaissance garden in the 15th century, the Giardino has been restored to its 19th century design, presenting a showcase of rare and endangered botanical species.

Amongst the most striking: Taxus Baccata, a decorative evergreen known as the longest living plant in Europe; and a Thuja tree, an aromatic conifer called the - Tree of Life - for its homeopathic properties.

//////////// The Beauty of off-season Florence

Lussuoso 5 stelle a premier room at the Four Seasons FIRENZE would cost more than 700 - 1400 €.-

Borgo Pinti 99 5 FIRENZE
around Galleria degli Uffizi e Duomo
Tel. + 39.055 26261

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