Abu Dhabi Food Festival the best street food place 5 - 21 Feb 2015

Lunedì 24 novembre 2014 | 08:21
Abu Dhabi Food Festival the best street food place 5 - 21 Feb 2015

GOURMET Abu Dhabi Food Festival attraction

da giovedi 5 a sabato 21 Feb 2015 attesi visitors da tutto il mondo per 2 settimane e 3 weekend ad Abu Dhabi durante il Food Festival supportato da una serie di attività e promozioni da parte di numerosi hotel - ristoranti - centri commerciali.

La Capitale degli Emirati Arabi Uniti UAE
ospita non solo l’annuale e ormai rinomato Gourmet Abu Dhabi, ma anche i 2 nuovi format, Emirati Kitchen and StreetFeast intern Abu Dhabi.

Negli ultimi 6 anni abbiamo notato una grande evoluzione nella Qualità della gastronomia e dei livelli di servizio della scena del food & beverage emiratino e il Gourmet Abu Dhabi ha giocato in questo un ruolo fondamentale – ha dichiarato Sultan Al Dhaheri - acting executive director tourism - TCA Abu Dhabi -.

Vogliamo adesso estendere il Food Festival ad un pubblico maggiormente ampio.

Lo StreetFeast si svolge tra Abu Dhabi city, Al Gharbia
(la regione occidentale) and AL AIN - città giardino Emirato, nei 2 weekend del 12-14 e 19-21 febbraio.

StreetFeast Event del tutto nuovo e molto divertente per tutti i nostri visitatori – ha detto Al Dhaheri -.

Cibi da diversi Paesi e di diverso tipo, serviti da tipici food truck che rendono l’atmosfera più informale e frizzante


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Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, TCA Abu Dhabi, is to serve up a three-course celebration of food this coming February with the inaugural Abu Dhabi Food Festival.

Running emirate-wide from February 5th-21st next year, the festival will incorporate the annual Gourmet Abu Dhabi event, the new Emirati Kitchen and the Gulf region's first StreetFeast.

Spread over 2 weeks and 3 weekends, the Abu Dhabi Food Festival will reach out to residents and visitors alike and will be supported by a full range of activities and promotions in the emirate's hotels, restaurants, malls and main attractions
- Over the past six years, we have seen a considerable transformation in cuisine Quality and service levels within the emirate's food and beverage scene in which Gourmet Abu Dhabi played a role, explained Sultan Al Dhaheri - Acting Executive Director Tourism - TCA Abu Dhabi.
We now want to expand the reach of our food celebrations to take in a wider audience. - Gourmet Abu Dhabi HISTORY
was launched in 2009 with the dual aim of raising F&B standards within the emirate and promoting Emirati hospitality traditions.

"I think anybody who visits or lives in Abu Dhabi would agree that F&B standards throughout the emirate are now incredibly high. The choice and range of cuisine on offer is almost bewildering and the emirate has attracted some of the most influential names in the culinary world. Year upon year we have also demonstrated to our guests and visitors that the legendary Arabian hospitality is very much alive and well and practised on a daily basis in Abu Dhabi. It is now time to move our food event on to a wider audience and with food for all tastes.
Gourmet Abu Dhabi will run for the entire duration of the festival with a range of activities across the emirate's leading hotels.

"Gourmet Abu Dhabi lovers can still look forward to a programme of celebrity masterchefs, master classes, chateau and themed dinners and culinary promotions, but in a condensed time frame," explained Al Dhaheri.
However, next year's programme will be missing the Gourmet Abu Dhabi Stars Awards.
The Awards programme served a very good purpose over the past five years in helping to raise standards within the industry, however, we now believe that the numerous awards programmes run by the private sector are now fulfilling this function and that there is no further need for duplication - explained Al Dhaheri.

The new Emirati Kitchen event will run from February 5th-7th and will celebrate the authentic dishes of the United Arab Emirates.

- We anticipate this component will bring the Emirati Community together and will help spread awareness of our traditional food by offering a taste of it to expatriate residents and visitors who will also get the chance to learn how to make some of the dishes.

We believe this is an important element of the overall event with cuisine being a distinctive hallmark of a destination.
Who thinks of Italy without thinking of Italian food? Emirati food can also be a strong destination identifier.
On the Emirati Kitchen event menu are appearances by the country's most noted chefs, Emirati cooking workshops and a traditional shop – Dukan – selling Emirati kitchen utensils and spices.

Over 3 days of authentic Emirati food, visitors can experience 25 traditional modern Emirati cuisine recipes, served up by five noted Emirati chefs and 30 Emirati enthusiasts, and attend five Emirati cooking workshops.

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