2019 the Year of Tolerance Pope in UAE: once in a lifetime - How to see Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi

Martedì 5 febbraio 2019 | 14:15
2019 the Year of Tolerance Pope in UAE: once in a lifetime - How to see Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi - Catholics in the United Arab Emirates await Pope Francis

170,000 people to listen to Pope Francis


Secondo il quotidiano emiratino “The National”, alla messa presso la Zayed Sports City - la partecipazione di oltre 170 mila persone.

Per consentire ai fedeli di partecipare alla celebrazione sono stati istituiti collegamenti straordinari per trasportare i fedeli ad Abu Dhabi.
➤ • da Dubai, oltre 1.000 Bus diretti verso Abu Dhabi, ☀️secondo quanto dichiarato a “The National” da padre Lennie Connully, parroco della chiesa cattolica di Santa Maria a Dubai.
Importanza storica della visita ha attirato rappresentanti dei media da tutto il mondo.
➤ • Secondo agenzia di stampa emiratina “Wam” oltre 700 i giornalisti e gli operatori tv provenienti da 30 Paesi che seguono la visita di Papa Francesco

➤ • ABU DHABI: Pope is set for a historic trip ☀️

☀️ Pope Francis begins a trip to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, the first in the history of a pontiff to the Arabian peninsula, and in which he aspires to strengthen ties with Islam.

☀️ Paul Hinder, bishop of the Apostolic Vicarage of Southern Arabia, which includes the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen - I am happy to write in your beloved land a new page in the relations between religions, confirming that we are brothers in spite of being different

☀️ The Argentine pope underlined in a message destined for the Emirate people.

➤ • Francis will arrive in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, for a stay until Tuesday in which he will participate in an interfaith meeting and will meet the great Sunni imam of Al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al Tayeb, whom he already visited in Egypt in 2017.

☀️ For Francisco, the organization of this interreligious meeting reflects the courage and the will to affirm that faith in God unites and does not divide, brings closer, in spite of differences, moves away from hostility and aversion.

A supporter of Dialogue with other Christian confessions and other religions and of peripheral visits, the Argentine pontiff has already travelled several times to Muslim countries: to the Middle East and Turkey in 2014, Azerbaijan in 2016 and Egypt in 2017.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, praised his guest as - a man of Peace and love - his hope that - future generations will prosper in Peace and security.

In recent years, the Emirates has been the target of repeated criticism for its military intervention in Yemen alongside the Saudis.

➤ • Religious control - Unlike its Saudi neighbour, which prohibits the practice of religions other than Islam, the United Arab Emirates wants to project an image of a tolerant country.

Among its 90% foreign population are many Christians, especially Indian and Filipino workers.

Along these lines, the Emirates, which boasts a Minister of Tolerance, declared 2019 the Year of Tolerance .

There are nearly one million Catholics in this country, who follow a rather moderate Islam and whose society is quite open to the outside world.

However, the authorities control religious practices and repress political contestation or the exploitation of religion, including by Islamists.

Domenica 3 febbraio 2019
h 13:00 Partenza in aereo da Roma Fiumicino per Abu Dhabi
h 22:00 Arrivo in Aeroporto Presidenziale di Abu Dhabi
Accoglienza ufficiale

Lunedi 4 febbraio 2019 ABU DHABI

h 12 Cerimonia di benvenuto ingresso principale Palazzo Presidenziale
h 12:20 Visita ufficiale al Principe ereditario nel Palazzo Presidenziale
h 17 Incontro privato con i membri del MUSLIM Council of Elders nella Gran Moschea dello Sceicco Zayed
h 18:10 Incontro interreligioso nel Founder’s Memorial

Martedì 5 febbraio 2019 ABU DHABI – ROMA

h 9:15 Visita in privato alla Cattedrale
h 10:30 Santa Messa nello Zayed Sports City
h 12:45 Cerimonia di congedo in Abu Dhabi airport
13:00 Partenza in aereo per Roma
h 17 Arrivo in Aeroporto Internazionale di ROMA Ciampino

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