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Miami Seatrade Cruise Global 2020 Cancelled & postponed due to viruscorona

Domenica 12 aprile 2020 | 18:40
🔹 Miami Seatrade Cruise Global 2020 Cancelled & postponed due to viruscorona

🔹 Seatrade Cruise Global Cancellato 🔹 e rinviato al 2021 causa viruscorona

Seatrade Cruise Global 2020 il comunicato ufficiale

🔹☀️ MIAMI ☀️🔹 Seatrade Cruise Global the official release

After close consultation with our industry partners, customers, and community around the world, we’ve made the decision to postpone Seatrade Cruise Global 2020 until 12-15 April 2021.

We want to thank all our customers and partners for their support, open discussions and encouragement.
As everyone has been reminding us, great things happen when the cruising community comes together and connects at Seatrade Cruise Global.
For this reason, we fully intend to host the rest of our events later this year, and will update you as we continue to explore alternative solutions. We will be working with our community, vendors, and staff to finalize the details and will share more information about our plans in the coming weeks.
Will there be a show next April, or is the April show cancelled moving forward?
There will absolutely be an April show next year, and it will be a full four-day event taking place the 12-15 in Miami Beach!
This year’s postponement is exclusively due to our commitment to your health and safety; we will be back better than ever next April.

Is Seatrade Cruise Med still confirmed for September?
☀️Seatrade Cruise Med is still on!
We are looking forward to another great show this 16-17 September in MALAGA, Espana.

To learn how you can get involved as an exhibitor or sponsor, contact
To register to attend, go to

🔹What happens if Novel virusCorona concerns continue over the coming months?
Is there a chance other Seatrade Cruise events are affected?
While we can’t say for certain, global trends are predicting the virus’s spread to significantly decline as we approach the fall months. We are currently moving forward confidently with our September event in Malaga, ESPANA, but will keep you updated should anything change in the global landscape.

🔹 • What will happen to my hotel reservation? • 🔹
If you made your hotel reservations within the Seatrade Cruise Global room block, your reservation has been cancelled automatically You should have received confirmation of the cancellation via email on 13 March 2020.
• If you have any questions, our Housing team is here to assist: (Toll Free) 1-866-240-4380 (Outside of US) 1-415-813-6088 x 10.

If you made your hotel reservations outside the Seatrade Cruise Global room block, please make sure you reach out to the hotel as soon as possible and cancel your reservation.

I have already booked flights to the event. How can I recoup that expense?
Most airlines are being very generous with their cancellation policies.
We encourage you to reach out to the airline or to your insurer to see what your options are.


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