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MALTA Maritime SUMMIT 1st – 5th Oct 2018 A must for the Discerning Maritime Stakeholder . . .

Sabato 1 settembre 2018 | 00:20

• A must for the Discerning Maritime Stakeholder

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg announced that next October Malta will host the second Malta Maritime Summit,
an international event that will consolidate the present Government's will to establish the country as a Centre of maritime excellence,

Malta Maritime Summit 2018 1st - 5th Oct The SUMMIT

☀️ ➤ • The conference will be spread over four and half days and is intended to stimulate various debates with the scope of reaching conclusions and make proposals that would be presented to the various stakeholders for their consideration. Thus the theme “The Voice of the Industry”

Welcoming day (01/10/2018) – Registration, Welcome Reception, Malta Maritime Awards Ceremony

Day 1 - ➤ 02/10/2018 - Maritime analysis, logistics and projections
– The E.U.& The Rest of the World.

Following the 2017 Valletta declaration has anything changed? What impact, if any, will Brexit have on the EU maritime economy and Stakeholders?

Considering the immense progress in the industry what is the EU’s long term view and is the current policy working?
Is the industry too demanding or indifferent towards the EU’s maritime policy? If so how can the gap be narrowed? Are the powers within the EU proactive enough or should they be closer and more understanding of the industry concerns?
In comparison with other jurisdictions what is the EU’ the long term view?
Is the industry’s perception of the EU a perception or a reality?

Day 2 -➤ 03/10/2018 Maritime Environment, innovation and enforceability

Greenhouse effect, pollution, carbon emissions, energy efficiency are just a few of the industry concerns. How is the industry coping with modern day demands? How much is innovation helping in fact and in image the industry? Will automation be an environmental time bomb? Enforceability is the key or the lock? Considering the complicated and intense management logistics of this sector are the industry’s efforts resulting in the expected standard or should the industry be more proactive? Is public opinion being manipulated to unjustly blame the major players for Ecological issues? What can all the stakeholders do more to address this reality?

Day 3 ➤ 4/10/2018 - Maritime Finance, Taxation and sustainability

Crypto currencies, corruption, litigation, cybercrime and human trafficking are of concern and costing the industry dearly! Are banking regulations, due diligence requirements and demands stifling the maritime economic growth? What should the regulatory bodies and the industry do to address these issues? Are IPOs still a suitable alternative to raising capital?

Day 4 ➤ 05/10/2018 - Yachting & Sea Tourism
Finance, Crewing, Marinas and Service providers

LUXURY super yachts & passenger vessels are in fact diverse and yet similar.
When and why does a yacht no longer qualify as such?
Owners and regulators have different views. Is it time to have marinas classified in the EU?

➤ Automation, IT, digitalisation, and marinas and their personnel qualifications are today’s buzz words! How is the industry coping?


MALTA - Minister Ian Borg


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