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Intern Association of Ports and Harbors establishes web portal to help the ports deal with virusCorona

Mercoledì 8 aprile 2020 | 07:09

• Intern Association of Ports and Harbors establishes web portal to help the ports deal with virusCorona •

🔹Port of Rotterdam remains operational after stricter government measures
Update viruscorona - World Ports Sustainability Program
2 April 2020 - Support to include regularly-updated, frequently-asked questions section vetted by experts from eight global ports, a weekly port economic impact barometer and latest industry updates
🔹The port of Rotterdam will remain operational 24/7, even after the stricter measures announced by the Dutch government on Monday evening, 23 March 2020, to combat the spread of coronavirus.
This is as expected given the fact that the government has already designated shipping handling and the associated processes in the logistics chain as a vital process to keep society running.
Find the answers to frequently asked questions about coronavirus and the port of Rotterdam on our special webpage.
31 March 2020
Directly to Port Health Authority Rotterdam

News overview COVID-19

Read the latest COVID-19 news concerning the port of Rotterdam.
News overview update #2

CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020

Shipping not impeded by outbreak
CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020

Governments take the lead in support measures for private sector
CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020

Crew changes
Haven fietstour 2019
CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020

Customs scales down activities in response to corona crisis
CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020

Industry of vital importance
CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020
Shell supplies feedstock for production of hand gel
Spoorvervoer containers

CORONAVIRUS31 March 2020
Rail freight flows continue unabate




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