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Europe Seatrade Hamburg Messe und Congress, Hamburg, Germany 3 - 10 sept

Domenica 3 settembre 2017 | 16:03
Europe Seatrade Hamburg Messe und Congress, Hamburg, Germany 2 - 10 sept

Seatrade & The Hamburg Cruise Days will be held from 8 to 10 September 2017

• Maritime Summit Europe seatrade Hamburg Sept 2017 Exhibition is sold out!

➤ This summit starts with a perfect testament to the industry from ports, destinations and suppliers looking to capitalise on the excellent market conditions and new business potential in Europe.

This year, we have an outstanding line-up of some of the world’s most esteemed organisations joining us to showcase their spectacular displays.

Cruise Week in September 2017

➤ From 1 to 10 September 2017, the port of Hamburg will again be transformed into a giant stage for major cruise events. For the second time, Hamburg will be bundling its cruise events and welcoming both the public and industry experts for ten days.

➤ The highlights are: Seatrade Europe (6-8 September) – Europe's meeting point for the cruise industry,

➤ the Hamburg Cruise Days (8-10 September) – Europe's largest public cruise event as well as two events organised by CLIA
➤ (5–6 September), the world's largest cruise association.

Throughout the events, the port of Hamburg will again be illuminated and transformed ➤ Hamburg is the world's number one destination for maritime entertainment and cruise events.
- The north German port city once again confirmed its position when seven cruise liners transformed the River Elbe into one big stage for the cruise world – at last weekend’s HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY festival.
And only three days earlier, the cruise liner MSC Preziosa had called at the port of Hamburg for the very first time.
➤ And yet this was just the start of a spectacular cruise summer season, with many first-time arrivals, the spectacular ship launching ceremony of Mein Schiff 6 at the Elbphilharmonie as well as the Hamburg Cruise Days – the world's largest cruise event

➤ BLUE Port Hamburg by lighting artist Michael Batz
(1-10 September).

Read MORE LINKS information at

/////// MARITIME Intern NEXT EVENTS ////////

➤ Our Ocean Conference 2017, MALTA Valletta
05-06 October, 2017
Over 3 billion people depend directly on our seas for their livelihoods. But in reality, all of us depend on the ocean: for our water, our food, our climate and our air.
Seas and oceans enrich our identity, ensure our wellbeing and sustain a large part of the economy.
Human action has left our ocean heavily affected by pollution, overexploitation, coastal degradation and global warming. This has severe consequences for all.
A new vision is needed, along with strong and action-oriented commitments.
Since 2014, Our Ocean conferences, have invited world leaders to look forward and respond, delivering high-level commitments and transforming the challenges ahead into an opportunity for cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. The 2017 edition, “An Ocean for Life”, will be hosted by the European Union in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean.
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➤ )))))))) • Cruise trends 2017 - 2018

in cooperation EUROPE CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) - President Kyriakos Anastassiadis
- Ceo della Celestyal Cruises - nuovo Chairman di CLIA, succeduto a Pierfrancesco Vago - president di MSC Cruises

➤ Italian Cruise Day 2017, PALERMO Sicily

VENERDI 6 October, 2017
The 7th edition of Italian Cruise Day will be held in the MedCruise member port of Palermo , in October 2017.

Italian Cruise Day 2017 will be once again the appointment for the Italian cruise industry to meet and discuss about the present and the future of cruising in Italy.

Read more
➤ • Italian Cruise Day 2017 in PALERMO
ideato ed org. da Risposte Turismo viene realizzata in partnership con Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare di Sicilia Occidentale e con il supporto di CLIA Europe.
Italian Cruise Day - Venerdi 6 ottobre 2017
si svolge nei saloni di Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, si apre con la presentazione dei principali risultati di Italian Cruise Watch ➤ rapporto di ricerca curato da Risposte Turismo che contiene dati aggiornati e rilevanti, approfondisce determinati aspetti, fornisce previsioni della stagione crocieristica 2018
Da lì avrà avvio la giornata, che si sviluppa attraverso sessioni di discussione, presentazioni, keynote speech ed altri momenti su temi generali e specifici di forte attualità.

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