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CMA CGM extends presence in South America with 2 services Sirius launched Malta-South America cargo service

Lunedì 9 ottobre 2017 | 15:55

CMA CGM extends presence in South America with 2 services

Sirius launched Malta-South America cargo service

/// ➤ . Maltese importers and exporters are set to benefit from New trading opportunities to Brazil and Argentina following the introduction of a rapid weekly link by Malta Freeport Terminals

/// ➤ The Sirius Service, calling at six key ports in Brazil (Itajai, Itapoa, Itaguai, Rio Grande, Salvador and Santos) as well as Buenos Aires in Argentina, will utilise eight vessels operated by container ship giants CMA CGM, Maersk Line and Hamburg Sud.

/// ➤ The first ship to operate on the Malta leg of this service, CMA CGM Magdalena, called at the Freeport saturday 7 Oct while live refrigerated containers, carrying mostly frozen cargo, will be available from early 2017 December.

Malta Freeport has launched a weekly service connecting Malta with ports in Argentina and Brazil.

The service will call ➤ at Itajai, Itapoa, Itaguai, Rio Grande, Salvador and Santos ports (all Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

It will feature container ships by CMA CGM Group, Hamburg Sud and Maersk Line.

Malta Freeport has been investing in reefer facilities, and from ➤ December will received refrigerated containers of mainly frozen cargo.

Malta Freeport ➤ Ceo Alex Montebello said Food importers stand to gain enormously from the Sirius Service, since vessels calling at the Freeport will offer considerable capacity for refrigerated containers, and it will also provide new trading opportunities for other Maltese entrepreneurs.

Since its establishment in 1988, Malta Freeport has registered remarkable growth and is now ➤ a major transhipment port in the Mediterranean region enjoying positive international recognition with global carriers as a reliable and credible port.

Malta Freeport Terminals amalgamates the activities of container handling and industrial storage.

Malta Freeport focuses on the hub concept, whereby cargo is discharged from large mother vessels and relayed to a network of regional ports by feeder vessels.

Around 96% of Malta Freeport’s container traffic is transhipment business.

The logistic concept offers various benefits for Malta Freeport’s clients, including fewer mainline port calls, reduced voyage times through minimal diversions and shorter transit times thus enabling them to concentrate on profitable voyage legs.

In 2016, ➤ Malta Freeport handled 3.08 million TEUs.

Logistica Transport Ports & Maritime 2017 -2018 . . .

//// Eastern Mediterranean update by CMA CGM . . .
CMA CGM's NC Levant service,

which links the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
(Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon) to Northern Europe (Belgium, England, Germany) via MALTA,

The line has introduced an export call at Tanger Med,
heading east, and a new import call at Algeciras, towards Northern Europe.

From 23 February the following rotation will be operated, in partnership with Seago and Hamburg Süd:
➤ Felixstowe - Antwerp - Hamburg - Tanger Med - MALTA Marsaxlokk - Alexandria - Beirut - Iskenderun - Mersin - Port Said (E) - Salerno - Algeciras and Felixstowe. READ MORE
Containers & Logistic services in the Mediterranean Sea

///// Fruit and vegetables terminal World Leader in Transport

Refrigeration inside Innovation Marine Transport Solutions Fresh and cool Ship to shop . . . 2017

• IMPORT & EXPORT OCT - DEC 2017 Europe Logistica New !
Brands Cargo Quality

//////////////// Fruit and Vegetables Terminal & Global Logistic

• MALTA Port ➤ Malta Freeport


• CMA CGM - Marseille France
Containers & Logistic services in the Mediterranean Sea

. . . ➤ • HAMBURG SUD

The Hamburg Süd Group represents powerful brands in the international logistics services industry

Source: Malta Freeport - CMA CGM Group

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