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Food what is a global crisis - what are the causes - 4th MoniQA Intern Conference Budapest 26 Feb -1 Mar 2013

Domenica 10 febbraio 2013 | 17:00
Food what is a global crisis - what are the causes - 4th MoniQA Intern Conference Budapest 26 Feb -1 Mar 2013

Food Security and Economic Crises
Novotel Budapest Congress, Alkotas Utca 63-67, Budapest, Hungary

BuUDAPEST Congress - Food Safety under Global Pressure of Climate Change, Food Security and Economic Crises

The 4th MoniQA International Conference will take place in Budapest, Hungary, 26 Feb - 1 Mar 2013, continuing the successful series of MoniQA Intern Conferences (Rome - Italy 2008, Krakow - Poland 2010, Varna - Bulgaria 2011).

- The theme of the conference will put various emerging and persistent food safety issues, and the relevant analytical and legal challenges in perspective of globalisation, climate change, food security and economic crises.

These issues are drivers for new developments and new research initiatives in food safety assurance and food safety management worldwide, however economic crises and the volatility of food commodity prices put pressure on food safety assurance strategies especially in developing countries but also in international trade.

According to the definition of "Food Security" by the WHO, it is a fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger and to consume safe and nutritious food. MoniQA recognises that climate change poses a severe challenge to people's food security and the safety of food due to emerging risks and the magnitude of food safety related incidents due to modern production practices and global mobility.

Furthermore, climate change is a major framing condition for sustainable development of agriculture and food, and it will impact all aspects of our daily lives.

The conference traditionally attracts participants from research and technology organisations, regulatory circles, food industry and manufacturers, retail and food associations, method providers, media and consumer representatives.

About 200 participants from some 35 countries are expected to attend the 4th MoniQA Intern Conference in Budapest.

New approaches and developments will be presented and discussed during the main conference in oral presentations, panel discussions and poster presentations.

A wide range of relevant satellite workshops and a technical exhibition will give participants the opportunity to dig deeper in specific food safety subjects or get hands-on-experience in using various analytical and electronic tools relevant to food safety assurance.

The talks will cover several food safety issues. The multi-disciplinary approach will give scientists, technicians, food manufacturers, policy makers and representatives from authorities and interest groups a profound insight in emerging food safety issues and associated challenges in risk management.

Representatives from international organizations, such as FAO, IAEA, UNIDO, World Bank, and the European Commission, will put research results and scientific information in perspective of political and societal challenges for 2020 and beyond.

The conference is org. by the MoniQA Association based in VIENNA, Austria, in cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary.

The international scientific committee comprised of key scientists in the field of food safety and related areas is a warrantor for an exciting and highly relevant programme.

Furthermore several intern. consortia, research teams and projects will be represented at the conference and will use this event for disseminating new findings and present new food safety management tools.

Conveniently scheduled just prior to the IAM (Inter-Agency-Meeting) and Codex Alimentarius CCMAS 2013, global networking will facilitate fruitful discussions and new cooperations.


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TAGS: Food Security and Economic Crises - The conference is org. by the MoniQA Association based in VIENNA - Austria - in coop. with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) Hungary, Food what is a global crisis - what are the causes - 4th MoniQA Intern Conference Budapest 26 Feb -1 Mar 2013


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