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Sabato 3 aprile 2021 | 21:01
❤️1Direction new album and GlobalTour ❤️ 2021 🔹 One Direction Harry Zayn Liam Louis🔹 Niall • Forever Young global Guinness concerts 449 in Australia - Canada - Denmark - France - Germany - Italia - Japan - Norway - Olanda - Sweden - UAE - Usa - Uk . . .

Tour2021: vienna -amsterdam - berlin - dubai - glasgow - london - milano - moscow - oslo - paris - stockholm - zurich - Tokyo

As a member of One Direction🔹 Louis Tomlinson sold more than 100 million records, but he’s making it out on his own, and his debut solo album 'Walls' will be released on January 31 2020.

🔹 There was definitely a process of understanding where I sit musically - said Tomlinso. - I have my own tastes and, to a certain extent, they are fighting against the musical tide.

🔹 When I grew up, pop meant Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers and Amy Winehouse. Times change, obviously. Currently pop is very urban and street, which is not what I relate to. Sure, I could make those sort of songs, but they wouldn’t feel like me. The puzzle was how to please both myself and the fans.

🔹 I feel like a new artist now. It’s taken a while for me to be comfortable on my own, to learn to trust my gut and make sure I get what I want. I feel the most confident I’ve ever been, both as a songwriter and a singer, and the most mature.

🔹 Of course I want to be successful, but what matters is what my music means to me and what it means to the fans. That’s the priority. The rest we’ll have to wait and see.

🔹 Tickets go on sale next Thursday (October 31) at

🔹 1 Direction ULTIMA APPARIZIONE 🔹 One Thing - 2014 - 2015

🔹 1 Direction 🔹 Gotta Be You - What Makes You Beautiful - More Than This - Up All Night 🔹 TAKE ME HOME il Nuovo album

🔹 /// mini bio ////// 🔹
Harry Styles - Zayn Malik - Liam Payne -☀️ Louis Tomlinson - Niall Horan - meglio noti come One Direction (1D), hanno iniziato la loro avventura come band nell’ambito dell’edizione 2010 di X Factor UK.
Approdati al talent show come concorrenti singoli - rivali nella categoria SOLISTI - per volere dei giudici si sono ritrovati a condividere questa straordinaria avventura come gruppo.
Una scelta determinata dalla consapevolezza che insieme, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis e Niall avrebbero acquistato una forza senza precedenti.
E così è ACCADUTO: in breve tempo i One Direction - nome scelto da Harry sia perche le 2 parole suonano bene insieme sia perchè dà immediatamente il senso di una direzione precisa da intraprendere - entrano nel cuore dei milioni di FANS.

//// firmano contratto di 2 milioni di sterline con Syco
(Sony Music),
pubblicano 2 libri (Forever Young - che prende il titolo dal brano che avrebbero lanciato se avessero trionfato a X-Factor e Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction) e schizzano direttamente alla numero #1 TOP dei singoli più venduti in Inghilterra con
- What Makes You Beautiful, 1° estratto dall’album TAKE ME HOME - uscito a Nov. 2012

🔹 Louis Tomlinson New album WALLS


/// SHOWS /// DATE //// CITY //// LOCATION ////// 🔹

8 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 MOSCOW
Crocus City Hall
Moscow, Russia

10 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 Dubai
Arena Dubai, United Arab Emirates

12 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 JAKARTA
Tennis Indoor Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia

15 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 OSAKA
Zepp Namba
Osaka, Japan

16 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 Tokyo
Studio Coast
Tokyo, Japan

20 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 Sydney
Hordern Pavilion
Sydney, Australia

21 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 Melbourne
Palais Theatre
Melbourne, Australia

22 Jun 2021🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹Melbourne
Palais Theatre
Melbourne, Australia

18 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹Reykjavik
Reykjavik, Iceland

20 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹OSLO
Sentrum Scene
Oslo, Norway

21 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

23 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹BERLIN
Berlin, Germany

24 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹WARSAW
Warsaw, Poland

26 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 PRAGA
Forum Karlin
Prague, Czech Republic

27 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹VIENNA
Vienna, Austria

29 Aug 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 ZURICH
X-Tra Zurich, Switzerland

Lunedi 30 agosto 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 MILANO

1st Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹PARIS
Paris, France

2 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹PARIS
Paris, France

4 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹AMSTERDAM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

6 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 LONDON
The Roundhouse
London, United Kingdom

7 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 LONDON
The Roundhouse
London, United Kingdom

9 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹Glasgow
O2 Academy Glasgow
Glasgow, United Kingdom

10 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹 Manchester
O2 Apollo Manchester, UK

11 Sept 2021 🔹 Louis Tomlinson 🔹Doncaster
Dome Doncaster, UK


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Louis Tomlinson ☀️ www.louis-tomlinson.com
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