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Bassem Youssef comic Pop. satir Yes or No show Egpty Revolution Tv stop Jan 2013

Mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013 | 19:35
Bassem Youssef comic Pop. satir Yes or No show Egpty Revolution Tv stop Jan 2013

Insulti al presidente Mohammed Morsi pesanti accuse per il comico Bassem Youssef

MEMO EGYPT REVOLUTION 2011 - 2012 - 2013

- As we all may know that Bassem Youssef is a doctor.
He is not only a doctor, but a professional doctor.

His program - El Barnameg - is a comedian program that makes fun of people and events but only to show the truth behind it.

Dr. Bassem started his programs by 2011 during the days of the REVOLUTION

Satirical show host Youssef under investigation over alleged Morsi insult

//// Giudici Egiziani hanno iscritto nel registro degli indagati il comico di satira politica Bassem Youssef,
in show TV avrebbe - compromesso Prestigio del Presidente egiziano Morsi.

Tra le accuse formulate anche quella di aver diffuso notizie false per disturbare . . . . International Peace and Security


Presidente Egiziano Mohammed Mursi or Morsi
on Sicilydistrict.EU

///////// ENGLISH VERSION /////////

Egypt's prosecutor general ordered on Tuesday an investigation into a claim that popular satirical show host Bassem Youssef insulted President Mohamed Morsi, a judicial source said.

On his show Al-Barnameg (The Programme), Youssef, dubbed the Egyptian Jon Stewart, had poked fun at the ruling Islamists and Morsi's temporary adoption of extensive powers in Nov and Dec 2012.

He may be summoned for questioning after the case was transferred to a Cairo prosecutor for investigation, the source said.

///// The lawyer who filed the complaint, Ramadan Abdel Hamid al-Aqsari, had in the past sought to sue a range of media personalities and politicians.

The state prosecutor, Talaat Ibrahim, had on 2012 Dec 27 ordered a probe into three top opposition leaders accused of trying to incite Morsi's overthrow.

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