🔹Malta 10 Things to do in MALTA See a CARAVAGGIO 🔹 or Syracuse

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🔹 10 Things to do in MALTA & Syracuse
See a CARAVAGGIO . . .

🔹🔹 St. John ’s Co-Cathedral 🔹

The Glory of this Church is the vast Caravaggio canvas
(one of two, actually) housed in the oratory, which depics the beheading of St. John.

You might, as I had done, have seen it a million times on postcards and pictures, but rest assure that seeing an envelope-sized reproduction of it comes nowhere close to the experience of standing before the real thing.

🔹 In occasione dei 400 anni dal soggiorno a MALTA di Michelangelo Merisi detto Caravaggio, a La Valletta sono stati organizzati tanti eventi per celebrare il grande pittore, del quale la città ospita anche alcune opere.

///// La Co-Cattedrale di S. Giovanni, conserva 2 famose opere del Caravaggio.

🔹 Entrance to the co - Cathedral is only 6€, but if you’d rather visit the main church interior for free !

🔹 Time your visit for when a service is being held, though in this case remember that the people around you are there to worship God, not to hear you camera clicking

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