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SIMEI Salone intern Macchine Enologia imbottigliamento Milano Rho 12-16 Nov 2013

Martedì 29 ottobre 2013 | 10:58
SIMEI Salone intern Macchine Enologia imbottigliamento Milano Rho 12-16 Nov 2013

MILANO - 50 Anni di Attività SIMEI - 700 Aziende espositrici da 27 Paesi • 48.000 Visitatori da 90 Paesi • english text

SIMEI (Salon Intern Macchin per Enologia e Imbottigliamento)

• Fiera LEADER MONDIALE in Tecnologia del vino ed unica Manifestazione Intern Biennale che presenta insieme Attrezzature, Macchine e Prodotti per la Produzione, imbottigliamento e confezionamento di Tutti i Liquidi alimentari.

Nel Mondo si consumano oltre 6 miliardi di ettolitri di Bevande di ogni genere

I consumi sono in costante crescita: il comporto delle bevande necessita di ATTREZZATURE e di macchine sempre maggiormente innovative tecnologicamente per migliorare Qualità e contenree costi di produzione
A dette esigenze risponde SIMEI in modo rigorosamente specializzato.

In 50 Anni di Attività SIMEI indiscussa Protagonista tra gli eventi fieristici Internazionali

2 days of discussions and in-depth study on sustainability with an international Scientific Committee

MILANO from 12 to 16 Nov 2013 the 25th of SIMEI in Milan and its focus will be sustainability in the winemaking sector.

The schedule is full of important meetings dedicated to this matter: in-depth study opportunities, professional updates and occasions to take stock of the state-of-the-art.

The keystone of these events is the International Conference “Sustainable viticulture and wine production: Steps ahead toward a global and local cross-fertilization”, org by Unione Italiana Vini, which involved, for this occasion, some of the most important exponents of the scientific community directly committed to the subject of sustainability in the winemaking field.

The Conference will cover two days and it will be the real scientific heart of SIMEI: interesting topics will be discussed with a special development formula of the programme. At the end of each work session, there will indeed be a sort of talk show, where all the attendees will have the possibility to speak with regard to the issues discussed, by directly interacting with the speakers and by taking part in a survey on the level of involvement in the focus sustainability.

The works of the conference will be held in the Martini Room of the Stella Polare Congress Centre at the Fairground Centre Fiera di MILANO Rho ; they will start in the afternoon of 12 Nov, right after the official opening of Simei and they will go on and end the day after.

UIV has strongly wanted this Conference, intended and planned as an opportunity to take stock of the current situation of sustainability in the winemaking sector and of the future prospects. It will be an occasion for discussion, allowing to give voice to critical points and chances directly from the stakeholder involved, a stepping-stone for new proposals, a round table for defining a new common protocol with practices and measures to be adopted all over the world .

Top-level members compose the Scientific Committee presided over by Prof. Ettore Capri, Director of the Research Centre for the Sustainable Development in agriculture Opera: work together with Allison Jordan (Wine Inst. of California), Sarah E. Lewis (The Sustainability Consortium), Sakkie Pretorius (Macquarie University of Australia), Attilio Scienza (University of Milan)

In the 2 conference days the discussions will concern several topics of crucial importance for the above focus.

This is the schedule of the 2 days:

12 Nov 2013 •
Where are we?
The international sustainability programmes and those consolidated at national level, the institutional ones, those proposed by the international organizations and the individual company programmes.
“Are they recognizable?”
The control of third-party institutions, the response of the mass retailers, the opinion of the non-governmental associations.

13 Nov 2013 •
Sustainability: how do we measure it?
Indicators, databases, reports and voluntary declarations.
How do we communicate it?
How to make information, training, education.
How can we implement it?
Computer, ecological, mechanical, chemical, historical, genetic measures.

In addition to this important event, there will also be other meetings, workshops and projects included in the busy programme of the trade show – which can be looked up on the website – dedicated to the subject of sustainability in the winemaking sector, analyzed in all its aspects.

MILANO 12-16 Nov 2013

- 50 Anni di Attività SIMEI - 700 Aziende espositrici da 27 Paesi - 48.000 Visitors by 90 Paesi


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