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EFEST.IT Catania Festival SOLOS voci del profondo Anima Sound System VOICE Apr May 2010

Lunedì 29 marzo 2010 | 00:00
EFEST.IT Catania Festival SOLOS voci del profondo Anima Sound System VOICE Apr May 2010

VISCERE o memorie che siano.

Vi presta ascolto elencandole una ad una.

La voce della POESIA, tanto per cominciare.

Per seguire con la voce ancestrale, con quella dei fantasmi, la voce perduta, la voce della memoria e quella della coscienza.
Tutte possibilmente in solo, nude e crude, senza distrazioni.
Cos nasce lidea di SOLOS, plurale di una parola semanticamente singolare, un palindromo che pu essere letto anche sottosopra.
Daltronde il solo una condizione che sempre la stessa da qualsiasi punto la guardi.
Il naturale prolungamento di questo percorso affidato inevitabilmente agli echi, la coda del suono.

In spite of her young age Olof Arnalds has been active on the Icelandic experimental scene for many years. She played with electronica virtuosos Mm between 2003 and 2007, and her debut album 'Vid og Vid' was produced by Kjartan Sveinsson from Icelandic greats, Sigur Rs.
Olof Arnalds tells personal tales with a tender voice and leaves the impression of a classic troubadour with clear associations to early freak-folkers like Vashti Bunyan and Judee Sill or todays Joanna Newsom.

Her talent not only reveals itself in the variety of the instruments she masters, but also in her beautiful labyrinthine songwriting and mesmerizing solo performances. lf's voice has been singled out for high praise as otherworldly by The New York Times, stunning by SPIN, remarkable by the NME, ethereal by Vanity Fair and impossibly lovely by Paste.

lf recently finished mixing her second album, Innundir skinni at Sundlaugin Studios with Kjartan Sveinsson producing once again. Innundir skinni features more elaborate arrangements and instrumentation than Vi og Vi, with vocals sung both in English and Icelandic.
Innundir skinni is set for worldwide release this Spring.

...Reykjavik's answer to Kate Bush...her debut is a spare, troubadour-like affair garnished with haunting, witch-child vocals.

-...her voice is high and clear, with a gentle quaver that humanizes its otherworldly purity.- The New York Times

..Olof Arnalds has the kind of voice that can silence a room, such is its sweetness. And high-profile fans such as Bjrk have been very vocal about Arnalds' awesome talent.
18 APRILE 2010, h 21

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NONOPIANO - Associazione DIDEE
via Reclusorio del LUME 54 CATANIA Sicily

// May 21, 2010 Berlin

// Date: 21 May 2010, // Venue: Circus @ Bar 25, Holzmarktstr. 25, BERLIN
// Matt Elliott has rather an atypical course... He used to work under the pseudo The Third Eye Foundation - emblematic figure of the English electronic scene recognized for his atypical electro tinted by drum' N bass. Since his first album under his own name "The mess we made" (domino records), Matt Elliott turns to compositions much more folk, forsaking the laptop and the machines - which go until disappearing, to return to more traditional instruments (guitar, piano, violin...).

"Drinking song" puts an emphasis on distant voices and ethereal ambiences. Guitars and keyboards are getting softer, almost affectionate, sometimes overwhelmed by drum n' bass beats that carry the song upward. Choirs and echoes give an almost mystical dimension to the album. All the songs hold the audience spellbound.
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