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Blue Economy Day 30th Oct 2014, Augusta East Sicily EuroMed

Lunedì 20 ottobre 2014 | 12:51
Blue Economy Day 30th Oct 2014, Augusta East Sicily EuroMed

Italian Presidency and European Commission - with the support of Port Authority of Augusta and Italian Navy BLUE DAY
- intern conference Blue Economy Giovedi 30 ottobre 2014 al porto megarese

BLUE ECONOMY DAY focus di approfondimento e dialogo sulle principali questioni legate alla Pesca ed ai Trasporti.

Euro Med EVENT tra quelli programmati in tematiche Expo MILANO 2015 - org. in collaborazione con la commissione Unione Europea con la direzione generale pesca & Autorità portuale di Augusta.
A proporlo la Port Authority di Augusta di concerto con i Ministeri dei Trasporti e della Difesa.

Ai lavori prendono parte i Ministri europei del Mediterraneo, il commissario europeo agli Affari Marittimi e alla pesca, i rappresentanti Fao e tutti gli attori coinvolti nella crescita dell'economia del mare.

Thursday 30th Oct 2014, Augusta East Sicily
- Nave Cavour in Commercial Port of Augusta, berth Cavour 4 and 5. - contrada Punta Cugno, Building Ed1

PROGRAMME - Working languages: IT, FR and EN
h 09:30-11:00 Opening session

Europe is facing the double challenge of creating more growth and jobs than in the past, while making sure that economic growth is consistent with a good state of the environment and with the sustainable use of the planet resources.

Blue Growth is a concept that integrates growth and ecosystems in one coherent policy vision.

Healthy, well-managed oceans can be a source of food, jobs and prosperity; at the same time they must continue to provide the essential protection without which nine billion human beings cannot survive.

Seas and oceans have an enormous, untapped potential for creating wealth in a vast number of fields. A number of new and innovative maritime sectors, such as offshore energy, green shipping, or blue biotech, as well as more traditional sectors, such as, maritime transport and fisheries, can be a major source of growth and jobs. If well managed, they can preserve and actually improve the state of the environment.
The conceptual framework to support this vision is already there - in the Blue Growth agenda and the new Common Fisheries Policy.

/// Moderator: Mr Giorgio Dell'Orefice - il Sole 24 Ore - Speakers: • Welcome address by Adm. Giuseppe De Giorgi, Chief of Staff, Italian Navy.
• Introductory remarks by Mr. Maurizio Martina, Minister for Agriculture, Republic of Italy

• Ms. Lowri Evans, Director-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission, European Commission

• Mr. Alain Cadec, President of the Committee on Fisheries, European Parliament

• Mr. Joseph Mizzi, Ministers for Transport, Malta

• Mr. Árni Mathiesen, Assistant Director-General Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, FAO

h 11:30-13:00 Sustainable fisheries for food security 2 important steps towards common fisheries management have been achieved in 2014: - the new EU Common Fisheries Policy which provides for multi-annual management plans on a regional basis; - the endorsement of a new GFCM Agreement, which promotes multi-annual management plans as a main tool to achieve long-term sustainability of stocks and a better compliance with GFCM applicable rules.

This is a new approach which will require concrete initiatives to be developed in the near future, with the active involvement of stakeholders. This session would discuss the new regulatory framework and the prospects and conditions for developing such initiatives.
• Chairperson: Mr Riccardo Rigillo, Director General for Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Italy
Panelists: • Mr.Fabrizio Donatella, Acting Director Mediterranean and Black Sea, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission:Management plans as a main tool for the conservation of shared stocks
• Mr. Stefano Cataudella, President of the GFCM: The need to deploy common management for shared stocks in the Mediterranean
• Mr.Giampaolo Buonfiglio, President of the MEDAC: Cooperation between stakeholders. Involvement of stakeholders in fisheries management through the Mediterranean Advisory Council or through other types of cooperation.

• Mr. Pascal Savouret, Director of the European Fisheries Control Agency: Perspectives for concrete cooperation to combat IUU in the Mediterranean

• Mr. Othman Jarboui, SAC Chairperson, Scientific Advisory Committee: Scientific Cooperation in the Mediterranean

• Ms. Federica Mastracci, Vice-President for Product Development & Programs - GEOS S.p.A: Space based technologies and Geo-Info Solutions at work for GFCM. Innovative tools to support a sustainable development of maritime resources in the Mediterranean

• Mr. Enrico Arneri, Project Coordinator MedSud Med - Adria - Med Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, FIRF, FAO: Regional Cooperation in the Mediterranean
• Mr Luigi Giannini, Vice-President of Federpesca

h 14:30-16:30 What Blue Growth paths for the MED? Re-thinking MED sea basin cooperation from a maritime perspective.

Blue economy provides enormous potential for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic and employment growth. Nevertheless, the diversity of economic, social, environmental, geographic, climatic and institutional characteristics of the Mediterranean countries demands a tailor-made approach to develop a new Mediterranean Blue Growth path.

This session will focus on gaps and needs that require joint or coordinated actions from the different shores of the Mediterranean to be effectively addressed, in sector such as maritime transport, ports, energy efficiency (emissions control, development of new fuels and engines), marine renewable energy, maritime clusters, skill development and vocational training. Panellists will debate on what mechanisms and tools could be put in place.
- Chairperson: Ms Beate Gminder, Head of Unit Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Panelists: • Mr. Patrick Baraona - Managing Director - Pôle Mer Mediterranée - France
• Mr. Mario Dogliani, Head of Corporate Project Financing, RINA, Italy
• Mr Godwin Sant, Chief Policy officer, Ministry For Energy and Health, Malta
• Mr. Michele Sferrazza, Board Member, Distretto NAVTEC and Director R&D Rodriguez Cantieri Navali, Italy
• Ms. Mathilde Konstantopoulou, Responsible for Blue Growth and Territorial Dimension, Ministry for Development, Greece
• Mr Luigi Grossi, Scientific Director, DLTM, La Spezia, Italy
• Mr. Ennio Massolo, President of Italian Academy Foundation of the Merchant Navy and Coordinator of Rotta Polare, Italy
• Mr Ivan Sammut, Registrar of Ships, Ministry for Transport, Malta
• Ms. Laura Giuliano, Mediterranean Science Commission CIESM

h 16:30-17:00 Closing remarks • Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, Chief of the Italian Navy Staff Mare Nostrum Operation -
• Mr. Fabrizio Donatella, Acting Director for Mediterranean and Black Sea, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commiss.
• Mr Enrico Puja - Directore General for Maritime Transport and Ports Administration - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Republic of Italy
• Mr Luca Bianchi, Chief of Department DIQPI, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Italy
• Final address by Hon. Giuseppe Castiglione - Undersecretary of State delegated to Fisheries and Blue Economy to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Republic of Italy.

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